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The Complete Website Care Plan

Critical Website Updates
Daily Website Backups
Website Security Hardening
24/7 Website Uptime Monitoring

Why Choose Safeguard Maintenance

Because your website deserves the best care possible. And with Safeguard, that’s exactly what it gets.
Choose Safeguard today and experience the difference that professional WordPress maintenance can make for your business.

Are you a business owner with a WordPress website?

Do you consider your website an integral part of your business operations?

If so, it’s time to ask yourself some crucial questions…

…Is your website being maintained to the highest standards?

…Is it being maintained at all?

In today’s digital age, your website is more than just an online presence.

It’s a critical business asset that needs to be cared for, updated, and kept online for your customers.

However, maintaining a WordPress website can be time-consuming and technically challenging.

This is where Pixeldroid Web Solutions comes in with our WordPress Website Care Plan


Imagine not having to worry about the technicalities of maintaining your website.

Imagine having the peace of mind that your site is being continually monitored and updated to prevent security breaches and unexpected downtime.

That’s exactly what our Safeguard plan offers!

With Safeguard, you get an up-to-date WordPress core installation along with associated theme and plugin files.

But that’s not all!

We also provide regular site and database backups with copies stored for a minimum of 30 days.

Plus, you get one hour of site support and development time per month.

And if you’re one of our hosted clients, we’ll even include the annual website hosting fee in the package!

Don’t let your website become a liability due to lack of maintenance.

Choose Safeguard today and let us take care of all your WordPress maintenance needs.

Choosing Safeguard means choosing peace of mind for your business.

It means choosing professionals who understand the importance of keeping your website up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly.

With Safeguard, you’re not just getting a service; you’re getting a partnership.

We’re committed to ensuring that your website remains an asset to your business rather than becoming a liability due to lack of maintenance.

The Benefits of Safeguard

Critical Updates

WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates

WordPress security researchers are in agreement that the leading cause of site hacks is outdated core files, themes or plugins. These critical elements of any WordPress website are routinely updated by their developers to ensure security of the code and to provide protection from security vulnerabilities.

As well as being more secure, a well maintained and up to date WordPress site will provide optimal speed and performance for your site visitors, and importantly the search engines, that do actively penalise slow and poorly performing websites in the search engine ranking pages (SERPS)

Safeguard ensures regular checks are performed across your website, all required updates are applied to the WordPress core as well as the site theme and any active plugins installed.

site backups

Complete Website & Database Backups

With our extensive and long term experience in the IT and web design industries, we can say with confidence and some considerable experience, that a regular and reliable backup of your valuable website/data is only marginally less important than your pulse!

We aim to keep our safeguard plan clients pulse rates stable by ensuring their websites are fully backed up weekly with additional nightly database backups.

With a minimum 30 day retention period you can be sure that your site can be restored quickly and without fuss should disaster strike!

Critical Updates

WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates

WordPress itself is a very secure platform, but ‘Safeguard’ adds extra security features and a firewall to harden your site and offer greater protection from malicious web visitors!

In addition, your website will be routinely scanned for malware and security vulnerabilities.

Security enhancements include:

User Account Security
User Login Security
User Registration Security
Database Security
File System Security
Whitelist/Blacklist Functionality
Firewall Functionality
Brute Force Attack Prevention
Malware & Security Scanning

& Many More Enhanced Security Features to Protect Your Website

Your website availability is continually monitored to provide early warning of any problems that may compromise access to your site in order for these to be rapidly investigated and resolved.

Safeguard Monthly


WordPress Core Updates
WordPress Theme Updates
WordPress Plugin Updates
Nightly Database Backups
Weekly Full Website Backups
Regular Database Optimisation
Security Monitoring
Website Uptime Monitoring
Anti Virus Checks
Malware & Security Checks
Premium Software Licences
Safeguard Annually

£600 (SAVE £120)

WordPress Core Updates
WordPress Theme Updates
WordPress Plugin Updates
Nightly Database Backups
Weekly Full Website Backups
Regular Database Optimisation
Security Monitoring
Website Uptime Monitoring
Anti Virus Checks
Malware & Security Checks
Premium Software Licences

Elevate your online presence

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Ongoing Support & Maintenance

At Pixeldroid Web Solutions, we firmly believe in cultivating long-lasting relationships with our clients. That’s why we extend ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the seamless functioning of your website. Our ‘Safeguard’ Website Care Plan offers premium maintenance and support, including weekly backups and regular updates, providing you with peace of mind and effortless website management.

Partner with Pixeldroid Web Solutions for your website design requirements, and let us assist you in propelling your business forward. We are thrilled to collaborate with you and develop a website that not only caters to your needs but also helps you accomplish your business objectives.